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I am a native New Yorker, born and raised on the Upper West Side, who\'s lived and worked my entire life almost exclusively within three blocks of my childhood home. I am the product of an insanely competitive family of \"know it alls. \" My parents, younger brothers and I all love New York City history and growing up, our dinnertime discussions were a chance to show off what you knew and get some parental attention for being historically correct and entertaining at the same time. I also old love movies, read up on Hollywood and Broadway history, studied old theaters and their architects, and ultimately threw all that into the dinnertime plea for attention. I\'m the only one who ended up a New York City tour guide, so that gives you some idea of the depth of my passion for this place (or my desperate need for attention).

Up until a few years ago, I owned and operated one of the largest independent movie rental stores in NYC, so unique and comprehensive that it was voted \"Best in New York\" by several publications including New York Magazine. In 2006, I petitioned the City of New York to rename West 103rd Street (between Broadway and West End Avenue) Humphrey Bogart Place to honor the late actor, whose childhood home on the block now bears a plaque with a dedication I wrote. That is me, by the way, with the late Miss Lauren Bacall in the picture to your left. Another New Yorker, she was just shy of 82 and was still breathtaking. Those eyes . . .

I love this city and all it\'s peculiarities, and I love sharing it with new-comers, returning visitors or native New Yorkers—anyone who wants to know not only why Wall Street is called Wall Street, where is the \"square\" in Times Square or where are the batteries in Battery Park. I\'ll tell you these and other fascinating things you never knew about this amazing place I call home because \"there are 8 million stories in the naked city\" and I will share with you as many as possible.

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Movies, New York City History, New York City Art, New York City Museums, New York City Architecture, Exploring New York City, and again Movies. Also New York City.

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